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Two years after the launch of the Phantom and its rapid establishment as the worldwide, market-leading, super-luxury saloon, a second model was launched at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. This new Phantom with an extended wheelbase offered additional interior space for the rear occupants while maintaining the elegant exterior looks of the standard length Phantom and its first class driving performance.

An extra 250mm has been added to the standard Phantom, behind the B-pillar, to create a motor car with an even more generously proportioned rear passenger compartment. The extra space lends itself perfectly to the addition of Bespoke features, limited only by the imagination of the customer.

The new extended Phantom is entirely hand crafted in-house – designed, engineered and hand built by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in the same way as the standard length motor car.

An extended wheelbase motor car had been planned from the early days of the project. An aluminium space frame chassis was chosen for the Phantom precisely because it lends itself to structural adaptation with relative ease. This ability to create ‘coach-worked’ models to meet the individual needs and desires of Rolls-Royce customers is something that has been central to the marque throughout its 100 year history. The body is the largest aluminium space frame ever constructed.

The Phantom in its various guises epitomises the best of British bespoke engineering and craftsmanship (even though the Rolls-Royce brand belongs to BMW) and in its modern form the Phantom still can very admirably lay claim to be the best motor car in the world. Big, imposing yet highly drivable, the Phantom is built using some of the best materials in the world: finest leather, cashmere trim and fitted cabinetry of real wood along with aluminium, magnesium trimmings and components.



Designed specifically to provide the best comfort and ride to rear seat passengers, the Phantom has a flat floor so that passengers can simply walk right in and sit down. But that does not mean that the Phantom will not be enjoyed by owner drivers. Self levelling air springs, electronic dampers and modern suspension front and rear combine to provide a ride that is serene, silent and devoid of harshness – the age-old feeling of wafting still remains at the core of this modern Rolls-Royce and this absolutely epitomises the beauty of the brand.

Power comes from the custom-built 6.75-litre V12 which is mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox. For all its bulk, the Phantom shows a clean pair of heels to many a smaller and nimbler competitor (if there are any) as the ton comes up in only 5.9 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 240kph from the 453 horses produced. But its true genius is shown by the gigantic amounts of torque produced (720Nm) of which 75 per cent being developed from as low as just 1000 rpm.

Look to the past, inbibe all the classic ethos and package them into a thoroughly modern motor car. This is exactly what Rolls-Royce has done and they have a winner on their hands, sweeping aside all pretenders to claim stake as the world’s best car.

Body TypeSedan
Price (in AED)1,650,000
Engine (litre)6.75
Power (bhp)453
Torque (Nm)720

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