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When it comes to a nice, big Lexus, the GS is certainly much more like it, and much more removed from its Toyota cousins, and for a luxury brand that sure is a good thing. While the GS still sits in the midsize segment of the car market, the car itself comes across as a little bigger in both size and character than a lot of the competition, and that’s what you want from your Lexus.

The large, clean and distinctly purposeful face of the GS sets the tone for the rest of the car, and while Lexus will always want you to feel that their cars are on the cutting-edge of modern technology, the GS also manages to look a little stately, too. And for a car that can always end up carrying the owners in the back seats exclusively, a little stately class can go a long way.

This is the Lexus answer to the world-renowned midsizers from likes of BMW, Mercedes, and now to greater extent, Audi, so you can expect all the good things that these cars deliver so well, but wrapped-up in a technically advanced Japanese shell – so if gadgets and a life of luxury are your thing, then the GS should be high on your test drive list.

The GS most certainly is not a cheap car, so there is plenty of the good stuff to be had as standard with this car, including soft and comfortable, leather-trimmed seats with plenty of power adjustment up front, keyless entry with central locking, pushbutton starter button, a premium audio system that can play both CD and DVDs, via a seven-inch colour screen, Bluetooth connectivity for safe, hands-free driving, plenty of airbags throughout the car and ESP and ABS systems to keep the powerful GS on the road.

And as with any Lexus, there is a world of luxury and technology to be found on the options list, with goodies that include a rear-facing reversing camera linked to the screen, a ‘moonroof’ or large sunroof, power rear sun visor, a top class Mark Levinson audio system and adaptive front lighting to help you see around corners. And all of it built and delivered to the very highest of standards.

There are two distinct engine choices to power the GS; a V6 or a V8. The V6 engine may be a little down on power for such a big car, making as it does just 228bhp and 300Nm of torque from its 3-litres. The 4.3-litre V8 is for many the powerplant of choice, giving the GS a much smoother cruiser feeling thanks to more power and much more torque at 279bhp and 417Nm. Power in both cases is sent to the rear wheels via a quick-shifting six-speed automatic gearbox. This cruiser can be quick, too.


2009 Lexus GS2009 Lexus GS2009 Lexus GS

Body TypeEngine (Litres)Power (bhp)Torque (Nm)Transmission

Price Range (AED): 197,000–220,000

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