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The made its entry into the Middle East market at the 2006 Dubai International Motorshow. ’s 14th model series globally, the Tiguan  represents the transfer of the successful Touareg philosophy to the class of the compact Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), a segment which has grown significantly in the last few years.

The Tiguan will come with a bit of exclusivity to itself. Buyers can opt between two different front ends. The Trend&Fun and Sport&Style versions will were designed  specifically for mostly duty and so they sport a classic front end with an entry angle of 18 degrees. The third one is the Track&Field variant that is specially designed for life outside of the paved trails; hence this version exhibits a more extreme front end and has an entry angle of 28 degrees.

Being Volkswagen’s only other SUV other than the bigger Touareg, and also being its first time entrant in the Compact Utility segment, the Tiguan sports a multi-variable  interior to make it as practical it can get. Four adults can be accommodated comfortably inside with ample leg, hip and shoulder room for the rear seat occupants. The rear bench seat can be split 60:40, adjusted 16cms longitudinally, and has multiple tilt adjustment settings for the seatback. For additional cargo area, there is also an optional  double cargo floor including cargo management system. Up to 1,510 liters and 650 kilograms payload can be stowed when the rear seats are folded down.

The instruments are placed high for easy visibility and being in the soft-roader segment, the quality of the material used for dash as well as inside appears very tactile. Main  functions are controlled by either keys or knobs, while sub-functions are controlled via a dash-mounted touchscreen.

Termed the ‘small brother’ of the Touareg, the Tiguan is available with two fully charged powerplants in the Middle East. The advantage of engine charging is more power,  less fuel consumption and lower emissions. The four cylinder TSI units make 170 bhp and 200 bhp respectively with the power transferred to the wheels by a manual, or optionally automatic, six-speed transmissions. The automatic transmission has gear level preselect; in off-road use it prevents shifting to the next higher gear.

Body TypeSUV
Price (in AED)
Engine (litres)
Power (bhp)170200
Torque (Nm)


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