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A tiny all-wheel drive car that is surprisingly good when the going gets tough, partially because it is so light, ’s Jimny still keeps going strong.

There’s no doubt that in a world where SUVs are big and bigger, the miniscule Jimny defiantly makes a case for itself. With its cute looks and two-door body style, the car definitely is one to go for if you are in search of a city runabout that is as easy to park as it is to drive around in rush hour traffic. The car squeezes in and out of traffic with ease particularly because of its diminutive size. The Jimny’s secure stance gives it a presence that belies its compactness. An overall length of just 3625 mm and width of 1600 mm and a lofty driving position plus a tight 9.8 m turning circle means it can be manoeuvred about town and parked with ease even in the most congested areas.

Suzuki is quite renowned for making good small cars and the Jimny stands tall to say that. The 4×4 capability helps to tackle the terrain while on beaten rural tracks. Backing the case would be Jimny’s unique styling underpinned by a separate chassis, Drive Select 4×4 system and all-round coil suspension.

The variable valve timing of its Euro IV-compliant 16-valve 1.3-litre engine promises energetic performance and efficient fuel use. Output is 80bhp while the 110Nm of torque is now delivered at 4,100 rpm to give a flatter torque curve – near maximum torque is provided from as low as 2500 rpm. It’s complemented by 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions offering slicker changes and revised ratios faultlessly matched to the characteristics of the all-alloy engine.



Its interior boasts of tasteful fabrics and finishes, fresh front and rear seat designs offering improved support and comfort and a new steering wheel and instrument panel with red illumination. Automatic transmission equipped models get a new centre console and gear selector gate; both manual and automatic models now have push button selection of the four-wheel drive system (replacing the separate lever previously positioned behind the main gearshift). An audio unit with straightforward controls and a CD player is integrated within the dash.

Body Type4X4
Price (in AED)48,500-52,000
Engine (litre)1.3
Power (bhp)80
Torque (Nm)110

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