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With the third generation Grand Vitara, has increased the appeal of its 4-5 passenger carrying small SUV with contemporary exterior styling, improved interior with more passenger space, and modern options. It has, however, lost some of its third-world ruggedness and off-road prowess in the search for greater acceptability.

The now uses unibody construction with a multi-rung ladder frame created within the unibody chassis. Formerly the frame was an actual steel tube chassis with body atop, and is now manufactured from precision bent sheet metal. That’s great for weight reduction, noise reduction, and better fuel economy. It’s not so good if you must bounce around on nasty trails most of the time. For occasional rough off-road duty, have no fears as it will tackle most obstacle with reasonable aplomb.

The Vitara is available in two distinct body styles: a 3- as well as a 5-door, each with its own unique features and projecting slightly different personalities. Longer and wider than their predecessors, but reduced in height, both versions look more firmly planted, delivering greater stability for everyday driving. The clean, uncluttered lines of the body styling hint at both a refined elegance and – through the flared wheelarches and the wide track front and rear – a strong dynamic capability. The 3-door model’s shorter wheelbase and its pronounced forward sloping B-pillar provide a more muscular, more traditional SUV look.

In true Suzuki fashion, all Grand Vitaras come exceptionally well equipped with higher levels of safety, passenger comfort, and interior room. The interior matches the external styling in spirit as well as design. Bold accents blend with classic forms in an uncluttered layout. The predominantly black interior uses bold silver highlights and circular motifs, while the seat materials use geometric designs and dimpled surfaces: high quality materials pleasing to the eye and touch.



The Grand Vitara is available with two 16-valve petrol engines: a 98bhp 1.6-litre and a 2.0-litre making 138bhp. Both units feature drive-by-wire throttle control for outstanding engine management. There is also a third 2.7-litre V6 powerplant available for the Grand Vitara that makes 181 horses. The engines are paired either with sporty manual gearboxes or optional smooth shifting 5-speed automatic featuring a new gate design.

Body Type4X4
Price (in AED)61,000-93,000
Engine (litre)
Power (bhp)98138181
Torque (Nm)138174NA

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