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A seven-seater, the  Commander gets minor tweaks for but its core fundamentals of providing in-depth prowess remains as strong as ever. The emphasis in this vehicle is utility in a comfortable environ and the Commander delivers. There is no flamboyance instead functionality is its true attribute – done in an easy going environment.

Although the 2008 is based on the mechanicals of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it is as different as chalk from cheese. For one, the Commander does not favor the soft-looking design elements of the Grand Cherokee – it draws inspiration from the hard-nosed, boxy Jeep Cherokee that helped launch the SUV craze back in the USA in the 1980s. While the  Grand Cherokee blended in with the scores of other SUVs in the market, the Commander stands out with its boxy and angular design. However, in a sense it works, although the styling may not be to everyone’s fancy. But from Jeep’s point of view, it gives this American company a vehicle to compete against General Motors’ Hummer.

Two models are offered:
Base and Limited. The 4.7-litre V8 and 5.7-litre Hemi V8 engines are surprisingly smooth and sporty. The  326bhp/677Nm Hemi engine includes multi-displacement (MDS), which seamlessly shuts off four cylinders
under light load for improved fuel economy. The smaller engine (if you could call it that) belts out 235hp/413Nm.

The Commander is an excellent off-roader combining all the traits of a traditional Jeep and incorporating modern day SUV values.

Technical Specifications

Engine4.7-litre V85.7-litre V8
Power235 bhp326 bhp
Torque413 Nm677 Nm
Price Range

Starts from UAE Dirhams 119,300 upto 157,300*

* Prices are indicative and may vary at the time of purchase. All prices are ex-Dubai showrooms. Please check with your local dealer for current prices and offers.


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