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The current 7-Series was freshened up in 2006 because the original car was universally criticized for its looks and complicated operating systems by its middle aged and not so hi-tech savvy customers, who virtually decamped to its rivals. As a four-door, five-passenger luxury saloon the 2008 7 Series is offered in various trims, ranging from the 255hp 3.0-litre inline six 730i on a standard platform to the range topping 455hp 6.0-liter V12 760Li on a long wheelbase. The ‘L’ designation is for the models which have the longer wheelbase, and the extra benefit of the space created benefiting the rear passengers. The pick of the range is the 750i which comes equipped with a standard 4.8-litre V8. A six-speed automatic transmission is standard on all trim levels.

Like its smaller-sized siblings, it remains faithful to BMW’s credo of providing an inimitable driving experience and as a package it’s undoubtedly a hi-tech masterpiece. The honed and precise body line gives an inkling of a more angular appearance for the German marque.

Inside the 7 Series, controls are centred around the steering column, together with the shift control for the electronic six-speed automatic transmission. A stalk on the steering column controls the gearshift and a button on the dashboard, within easy reach of the driver, operates the parking brake.

The iDrive infotainment and navigation system has been further simplified and number of jobs it can do reduced to facilitate ease of use. The rest of the dashboard is almost devoid of switches and buttons, giving the interior clean lines and a feeling of light and space. All remaining secondary controls are operated via the Controller – a large circular knob positioned on the centre console.

Interior materials and build quality of this car arguably are the finest in the business. For a top class luxury sedan, standard features are aplenty and include satellite navigation, Dynamic Drive anti-roll system, telephone and leather upholstery, while the options list is virtually limitless.

Notwithstanding its generous dimensions, the 7 Series is nimble, quick to respond, and offers a ride which is both refined yet exciting. And this is a point not open to debate.

Technical Specifications
Engine3.0-ltr 6-Cyl4.0-ltr V64.8-ltr V86.0-litre V12
Power255 bhp302 bhp362 bhp439 bhp
Torque300 Nm390 Nm490 Nm600 Nm
Transmission6-Speed Auto6-Speed Auto6-Speed Auto6-Speed Auto


Price Range

Starts from UAE Dirhams 270000 – upto 500000*

* Prices are indicative and may vary at the time of purchase. All prices are ex-Dubai showrooms. Please check with your local dealer for current prices and offers.


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