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Yet another contender in the vital mid-sized sports utility market, X-Trail is a nicely packaged machine, as most ’s tend to be, which puts occupant safety and comfort high on the agenda. Like the Maxima, the X-Trail is also due for a overhaul. But to be fair to this model, it still retains much of its age with a grace that is mature.

Space inside the car is more than adequate for four – five gets a touch crowded – and the high command driving position is a major virtue. Ride quality is good, among the best in this category, and handling is generally good.

The two wheel drive version seems more stable on tarmac, but the electronically controlled all-mode 4X4 version delivers what is needed on rough tracks. It is not a true out and out off-roader but then vehicles in the X-Trail’s class are seldom so. It is good for the occasional foray onto the beach but even then one has to step gingerly.

A 2.5-litre four cylinder engine does the job in the X-Trail and is quite a lively powerplant: it is ever willing to take on whatever the driver throws at it while being pretty refined. Power generated is 180 bhp and an impressive 245 Nm of torque enable it to tackle the aforementioned off-road tracks with a zest and energy that can surprise. Suspension is good and more tuned for black top application.

The X-Trail seems well bolted together, and gives the impression that it will go on forever.

Body Type4X4
Price (in AED)76,000-88,000
Engine (litre)2.5
Power (bhp)180
Torque (Nm)245

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