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Unique is an oft misused word, but not when mentioned in connection with the new Qashqai, first seen in concept form at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show and in production form at last year’s Paris Motor Show. A passenger car with SUV attributes, Qashqai really does bring unique qualities to one of the most conservative sectors of the new car market.

From certain angles it has the agility of a passenger car, from others the tough stance of an SUV. Put it all together, though, and it quickly becomes clear that this crossover is quite an innovative one. Named after a desert-dwelling nomadic tribe living near the Zagros mountains in South Western Iran, Qashqai (say it Kash-Kai) should be seen as an ‘Urban Nomad’.

The Qashqai is described as a crossover as it inhabits the area where passenger car attributes meet those of a 4×4. In terms of design, the top half of Qashqai is reminiscent of a dynamic passenger car, with a sleek, dynamic form that features a distinctive shoulder line which rises at the rear – a design cue similar to that of the Murano.

The lower portion of the car suggests SUV attributes of strength and solidity thanks to large, pronounced wheel arches, slightly elevated ground clearance and a purposeful stance.

The interior has been designed to give the driver a focused cockpit feeling, with a clear separation between them and their passenger. The deeply recessed instruments give a sporty feeling to the driving environment – a feeling reinforced by the raised central console. However, the front and passenger environments have been designed to feel airy, spacious and relaxing. High seating positions provide the sense of security normally found in an SUV, yet Qashqai is a more dynamic performer with the accelerative and handling capabilities of a hatchback.

The carefully conceived interior is crammed with intelligent storage solutions for maximum functionality and flexibility. These include a large panoramic glass roof, automatic headlights and wipers, satellite navigation, reversing camera and Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones.

Two petrol engines are available for duty on the Qashqai – 1.6 and 2.0-litre – and one of these units will power this new-age vehicle when it is launched in the Middle East. Several gearbox options are available, according to engine choice. These include a five- and six-speed manual, a new six-speed automatic and a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) option with manual mode. The Qashqai is expected to reach the Middle East markets sometime in the middle of the year.

Body Type4X44X4
Engine (litre)1.62.0
Power (bhp)261N/A
Torque (Nm)N/AN/A
Prices (in AED) starting fromN/AN/A

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