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The Altima quickly became one of the most popular sedans in the market since its introduction in 2004. The next generation 2007MY Altima takes the model to even greater heights with a strikingly sleek, sculpted form with graceful yet boldly modern lines that immediately inspire passion. The sportiness of this car was proven  last year when it set no fewer than 22 new regional records in the 24-Hours Endurance Drive, the first in the Middle East region.

A smart looking sedan by any standards, the Altima is a worthy adversary to the competition. It has style, abundant interior space and comes with a choice of two engines. The so-called ‘character line’ primary styling gesture is a sweeping line that draws the eye to the very front of the vehicle where the soul of the Altima lies – under the hood.

The choice of two powerful engines available on Altima delivers impressive performance. The QR25 is one of the most powerful 4-cylinder engines in its class. The double overhead cam (DOHC) design provides direct actuation of intake and exhaust to allow the engine to work efficiently at any given speed, providing more available power and reducing engine stress. Completing the spectrum of the mid-size sedan segment, the Altima also comes with a 257bhp breathing 3.5-litre V6-engined version. This is a veritable wolf in sheep’s clothing, evoking memories of the Nissan Maxima – only in the Altima’s case, there is enough show with the go. Acceleration is steady throughout the rpm range providing an incredible sense of excitement, with an impressive cockpit design to complete the ultimate driving experience.

The Altima employs Nissan’s ‘Triple Safety’ concept incorporating ‘Information Safety’ that helps the driver to better anticipate and avert potential hazardous situations; “Control Safety”, which allows the driver to avoid emergency situations by enhancing vehicle control; and “Impact Safety”, which helps to reduce the risk of secondary or aggravated injury in the event of an accident.

Body TypeSedan
Price (in AED)63,000-113,000
Engine (litre)2.53.5
Power (bhp)187257
Torque (Nm)254363

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