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Zero to sixty is a blur. But the experience isn’t. Boasting an impressive 294 bhp coupled with 371 Nm of torque, the utterly sexy 350Z makes use of some hi-tech materials in the form of ultra-lightweight aluminium in the suspension and engine, a carbon-fibre composite drive shaft, 18” 6-spoke aluminium alloy wheels and massive brake rotors. There’s even a racing inspired driver’s seat with magnesium-core steering wheel and drilled aluminium pedals. It’s an obsession for performance that took five years to create, and takes just over five seconds to appreciate. For such an iconic marquee as the Z series, you would expect to be hard-pressed to develop a more exciting package for the 2007 350Z.

Offered in form only as of now in the GCC, – the version is expected to be showcased sometime this year – the 350Z has been acknowledged as a return to form, raising the brand credibility among the younger lot.

A neat, closed-coupled two-seater, the 350Z is very European in its stylistic expression –  from some angles it has flashes of Porsche, while from others there are glimpses of the Audi TT. This is not to say that these two machines have influnced the Z. Far from it, as the design and style of this stunning sports car is all Nissan and is an eye-opener to many a manufacturer, especially some of Nissan’s Japanese foes who just do not seem to master courage to take on this iconic roadster.

The 3.5-litre delivers a massive punch, with 0-100kph times of under six seconds and the suspension system is excellent, delivering wonderfully precise, sharp handling. Comfort levels are very high, and there is very little else around at this price to give Nissan’s wonderful little sports car a run for its money.

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