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Nissan’s snub-nosed, hardcore off-roading projectile is the iconic Patrol and is as tough as they come; that it is so reliable has not been lost on countless aid organisations as well as rally organisers who favour the Patrol for dealing with just about anything that the wetaher and nature can throw in its path.

It is undoubtedly Nissan’s flagship SUV acknowledged in the region as the ‘King of All Terrain’. It is known as much for its off-road capabilities as for its on-road handling and manoeuvrability. The 2007 version’s superior driving performance comes from two six cylinder engines which can generate maximum output of up to 280 bhp. Nissan’s vaunted engineering expertise becomes evident as the iconic 4X4 displays impressive stability even at high speeds.

The iconic 4X4 is a force to reckon with not only in performance but in design and comfort as well with its impressive revised styling and richly appointed interiors.

Despite its functionality and durability, the Patrol is a comfortable machine, with subdued yet pleasing trim levels inside, bags of space and a better ride than is expected.

While its off-road prowess is without doubt, the Patrol instills a lot of confidence on black tops, with ride and handling having improved by leaps and bounds. It may not be a sports SUV but it can surprise quite a few faster and more expensive machines with its enthusiasm and guts.

Safety is uncompromised in Nissan’s “ Triple Safety” initiative, which incorporates “Information Safety” to forewarn the driver, “Control Safety” to assist driving behaviour to avoid accidents and, third, “Impact Safety”, which acts to help reduce injury in accidents.

Body Type4X4
Price (in AED)92,000-177,000
Engine (litre)4.5
Power (bhp)280
Torque (Nm)451


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