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The ES family of mid-size luxury sedans have been in the market since 1989. Now in its fifth generation, the ES has been consistently built on the Toyota Camry platform with a V6 engine and automatic transmission. For much of its existence, the ES anchored the entry-level luxury car segment of the Lexus line-up, a position it maintained until the introduction of the Lexus IS.

Lexus is a seventeen year old company and while it does not possess a century of heritage like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, it has to work that much harder to create an intrinsic identity. While there is no disputing the fact that earlier models from Toyota’s luxury arm had more than just a touch of its German competition, now there is talk of ‘Japanese originality’ and it shows with its L-Finesse design philosophy.

The new ES350 is European in design and style but borne out of Japanese culture and a need to create a distinct identity. Thus, L-Finesse appeals to world markets, especially the European market with a consistent global design message that is all so Japanese. We call it ‘Japorean’ (Japanese-European) imbibing the best that these culturally diverse regions have to offer. In a nutshell: inspiring and elegant. This is a car that can transport one from everyday humdrum travel to cocktail party with ease.

Inside the ES350 is a swathe of expensive materials that have been entwined together to create an ambience spelling class and luxurious comfort. Materials, textures and colours have been integrated so well together that one would want to spend a lot of time cocooned in this car. Seats are leather, with the steering wheel and gear shifter knob encompassing leather with wood. The steering wheel incorporates functions for handsfree telephone and audio system while the instrument cluster is recessed with large dials providing clear information to the driver.

To reflect the bigger 272-horsepower 3.5-litre V6 engine, Lexus has named the car aptly. The V6 features dual variable valve timing which acts on both intake and exhaust valves to improve torque and fuel efficiency while reducing emissions. Lexus says the ES 350 has a zero-100 kph time of 7.1 seconds. A new six-speed automatic transmission with a manual shift mode sends power out to the front wheels.

Body TypeSedan
Price (in AED)143,000-161,000
Engine Size (litre)3.5
Power (bhp)272
Torque (Nm)345

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