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Lamborghini has always been famous for producing ludricrously fast cars clothed in flash bodywork and handling so diabolical that the company even named a car after it. But things are a bit different at the Sant’Agata based firm, thanks to big brother Audi peering down their shoulders. And the Gallardo is proof that present-day Lamborghinis not only have the muscle but also the grace, handling and finesse in a package that is quite at home for daily driving as it is at weekend getaways to the race track. In many ways, it offers its own kind of proof that Lamborghini is serious about building world-class sports cars.

It has an aluminium spaceframe, optional automated-manual gearbox, mid-mounted engine, and twin front-mounted radiators that give the car its generous interior package. The Gallardo employs a 500-horsepower 5-litre V10. Instead of rear-wheel drive, it has a performance-oriented yet bacon-saving four-wheel-drive system.

Two versions of the six-speed transmission are offered. The gated manual version uses cables to change gears. The rev-matching, all-singing, all-dancing E-gear alternative has four operational modes: Normal (with fast, paddle-controlled shifts), Sport (with superfast paddle-cued shifts), Automatic and Low Traction.

The Gallardo’s aluminium double-control-arm suspension uses new Koni FSD (frequency selective damping) dampers. Brakes, from Brembo, are eight-piston front calipers on 14.4-inch discs and four-piston rear calipers on 13.2-inchers, and they provide well more than one g of deceleration from 60 mph.

If the Gallardo’s mechanicals impress, so will its shape. Its twin air intakes up front, long flying buttresses, and peaked front overhang are all Lamborghini hallmarks. There are some beautiful and unique details, such as the forward-jutting side mirrors. It also has telephone-dial wheels resembling those on the Urraco, the Jalpa, and the Countach, but they are really the only round parts of the car.

The interior reveals, modern car-building techniques.Thanks to inputs from Audi, the creature conforts have been significantly enhanced and now one finds coat hooks and navigation systems. The packaging has been honed in to provide a level of sophistication hitherto unseen in cars from Sant’Agata. The Gallardo is joined by the Spyder version which is not just an open-top version of the , but is a completely new model. It has an attractive new design and a unique system for opening and closing the fabric roof that utilises the engine compartment to store the folded roof.

Body TypeCoupe
Price (in AED)700,000
Engine Size (litre)5.0
Power (bhp)500
Torque (Nm)510

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