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It is a commonly accepted median not to mess with a good thing. The Civic was a good thing. Not that it isn’t anymore in its current avatar, but Honda has finally made that big change with the new Civic. Along with the host of improvements that usually accompany a new Civic – bigger engines, more interior room, comes a new shape, a new approach to interior design and a new commitment to safety. Hondas messed with a good thing – and they’ve made it even better.

The new Civics styling builds on the puckered and podgy-look of the recently redesigned Accord. The aerodynamic profile is one of the first things that strike you about the design. Hunkered down, it aids the car slip under the carpet of air with ease. The flowing modern profile, known as monoform in Honda styling terminology; also has an impressive drag coefficient.

Honda has made the Civics interior as radical as its exterior. Honda took a new approach to the dashboard by splitting the instrument panel into two levels. The most important information such as speed, fuel level, and engine temperature are displayed in the top pod, just below the windshield. Secondary information such as engine RPM and the like are in the lower pod. Apart from the obvious aesthetic benefits and an elevated cool quotient, this display arrangement also has a useful practical benefit. The essential information is always in the line of sight of the driver who doesn’t have to take his eyes off the road.

The cab forward architecture has freed up space and rear occupants get generous head and legroom. The car is quite roomy up front, and with sufficient leg space for rear-seat passengers and a completely flat rear floor – one of the old Civics slickest features, which is back in the new generation model again. With its spacious dash and considerable legroom, the first impression is that you’re really in the larger Accord.

Honda has always been known for its technical prowess and silky smooth engines. The new Civic also follows suit. In the previous generation, Honda provided the Civic with two powerplants: 1.7- and 1.5-litre, depending upon the variant. In the new model year and for the eighth-generation Civic, Honda has toned it down to just one, a potent 1.8-litre iVTEC unit making 154bhp at 6300 rpm and mated to a five-speed auto box. Honda claims to have tuned this new motor to deliver the fuel economy of a smaller engine – a fact that most customers will be happy about.



Body TypeSedan
Price (in AED)54,000-67,000
Engine Size (litre)1.8
Power (bhp)154
Torque (Nm)192

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