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Based on the renowned 3200 GT, launched the in 2002. The Maserati marque produces distinctive, highly individual cars that transcend fashion, and is perfectly expressed in the elegant lines and muscular stance of the all-Italian design developed by Italdesign Giugiaro. The Spyder is the open-top version of the .

At the heart of the Coupe/Spyder design is the front-engine tradition of which Maserati has historically been one of the most authentic and authoritative proponents. The engine powering the car is an awesome 4244cc eight-cylinder, 90-degree “V”, aspirated engine. A mighty 390 bhp at 7000 rpm and spirited 452 Nm of torque at 4500 rpm mean that the Coupe/Spyder delivers breathtaking performance, power and flexibility. It is light, powerful, and like most advanced racing engines has dry sump lubrication and pump assembly outside the monobloc.

The most attention demanding technological feature on the Spyder is its transmission system. The clutchless, F1-influenced shifter works the electro-hydraulically controlled six-speed box, with exotic F1-style paddle shifters sitting behind the steering wheel. Four driving transmission settings can be applied, depending on how the driver wants the car to react: Normal, Auto, Low Grip, and Sport offer driving and acceleration styles for everyone.

The Maserati Coupe/Spyder heritage is evident in a host of details with styling cues ranging from the shape of its nose to the big front grille, the historic oval shield, the “lightning” logo on the C-post, raised details on the seats, and classic oval clock on the fascia. It also boasts an aggressive bonnet and clean, strong lines, with the new grille dominating the central part and the redesigned bumpers enhancing the overall sportiness of the whole ensemble.

 The interior provides even more than what is expected from an Italian sports car. Almost everything is covered in leather, which is available in 10 different shades with matching carpeting. Standard in the centre of the dash is the Maserati Info Centre that employs a 5.8-inch colour monitor to control the audio system, climate controls, and trip computer.

For those who are on the look out for even more exclusivity in their Maserati, there is the GranSport, which is necessarily a modified version of the Coupe with aerodynamic body cladding, a chrome mesh grille, carbon-fibre interior trim, and special 19-inch wheels. The exhaust is also specially tuned to “growl” on start-up and full throttle.

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